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Get a Bulldog

You know it is a decision that will change your life completely. Getting a dog is like having a kid: you have to take care of it, be responsible for it, feed it, walk it, take care of its education – or training – and be a responsible parent. As a dog owner you will have to plan your vacations with extra care, make sure there will be places where your Bulldog is allowed and ensure proper conditions for your puppy.

Reasons why you should get a Bulldog

Unlike other breeds, Bulldogs have a particular charm that will melt your heart even from the first moment when you will glaze into their eyes. But they have special needs and you should be certain that you can cater for them before actually getting a Bulldog. These dogs will always be happy, energetic and perpetual children. If you are a serious person, obsessed with your work and with very little free time, Bulldogs are not for you. This breed will need your attention all the time, you will have to take your puppy with you wherever you will go and you have to crate it in your backyard in case you will be away for several hours, otherwise you will find your things destroyed by your furious fury ball.

Bulldogs are genetically predisposed to many defects and illnesses. When you will get your puppy, make sure your pet will not have a small trachea, an elongated soft palate, eye lid anomalies, heart problems or hip dysplasia. Of course you can get such dog, but it will need additional care. In addition to this, you will barely have time, since bulldogs are likely to have dermatitis, allergies and demodetic mange and you will always have to look for them.

Vet checks on a regular basis are mandatory when you have a Bulldog. Although other Bulldog owners will give you adequate advices regarding the care and demands of this beautiful breed, only a qualified veterinarian will be perfectly able to diagnose your pet’s problems and declare its perfect health condition. You should supervise your four-legged friend every time when you go outside and you must pay attention and prevent over-exertion, which can lead to over-heating.

The disposition of a happy Bulldog is courageous, resolute, kind and amiable. Though most people would say they have a gloomy mug, Bulldogs are actually friendly they are sociable with strangers and you can always count on them that they will cheer you up in a rainy day. Puppies are frisky, but the adults are a bit lazy and they might spend the entire day sleeping – and snoring in a lovely way – on your bed.

Get and raise a Bulldog if you feel responsible enough to take care of this wonderful breed. This stubborn, polite and charming breed will change your mood when you are upset or stressed due to your personal problems and they will definitely improve your life from the first day when you will bring them in your home. Do you have what it takes to raise a funny Bulldog?